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NOTE: Driver pick-up time is approximate. The customer is responsible for, and required to stay with all the equipment until it is picked up by our representative, or other arrangements have been made.
1. Equipment, Rent, Payment, and Term of Rental Agreement: Customer rents from All Occasion Rentals certain equipment described on the invoice page of this Agreement. The rental fee set forth is payable, in full, in advance, and the rental term shall be that listed as «date»: «start»-«end» on the invoice page, but all of Customer's obligations arising under the terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement shall run from actual delivery of the Rental Equipment to the actual pick up of the Rental Equipment by All Occasion Rentals. If the Equipment is delivered by All Occasion Rentals and accepted by Customer, then Customer shall not be entitled to any refund whatsoever if Customer elects not to use the Equipment due to weather or other causes.
2. Weather: All Occasion Rentals cannot guarantee weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your rental prior to delivery if severe weather conditions are imminent or if we have any reason to believe that the equipment and/or its users may be in danger. Some examples of severe weather are high winds, excessive rain and lightning.
3. Delivery: All Occasion Rentals shall deliver the Rental Equipment to «address» specified by Customer as listed on the invoice page of this Agreement. Customer grants All Occasion Rentals the right to enter the property at «address» for delivery, and required set up, if any, and for subsequent pick up of the Rental Equipment and any associated equipment or packing materials at the approximately specified times.
4. Will call: The person who is paying for the items must be present with a photo I.D and debt or credit card. The hours for will call up M-F 10:30am TO 3:30pm (If pickup for the weekend pick up must be on Friday and returned Monday) All Occasion Rentals employees cannot load or unload any equipment for customers. By accepting the terms and conditions the customer agrees that All Occasion Rentals will only release the equipment to the individual who paid for the order. If equipment is not brought back by the date it given it will be charged for extended fee rental.
5. Receipt/inspection of Rental Equipment: Customer hires the Rental Equipment on an "as is" basis. Customer acknowledges that Customer has inspected the installation of the rental equipment and will personally inspect the rental items prior to its use and will read the operating/safety instructions prior to use. Customer specifically agrees that such rental items will not be used if Customer finds that it is not suitable for Customer's needs. The customer acknowledges receipt of all items listed in this Rental Agreement, and that they are in good working order. All Occasion Rentals can make no guaranties either expressed or implied as to the condition or performance of any equipment and/or property leased by the Customer.
6. Possession/Title: Customers right to possession of the Rental Equipment begins upon the items being delivered to Customer's premises and terminates on the actual pick up by All Occasion Rentals retention of possession, or any failure to permit the pickup of the item(s) at or after the end of the "Rental Period" specified constitutes a material breach of this Agreement. In the event that the Equipment is not returned for any reason, including theft, the Customer is obligated to pay to All Occasion Rentals the full replacement value for such Equipment, plus any and all incidental costs associated with the attempted pick up or recovery of the Equipment by All Occasion Rentals. Customer agrees to keep the Rental Equipment in his/her/their custody and control from the time of All Occasion Rentals delivery of the items, until All Occasion Rentals picks up such items. Customer shall not cause nor permit these items, or any of them, to be sublet, rented, sold, or removed from the Delivery Address, or otherwise transfer such items. If rental items are not returned and/or levied upon for any reason whatsoever All Occasion Rentals may retake possession of said items without further notice or legal process. Customer hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold All Occasion Rentals harmless from any and all claims and costs arising from such retaking and/or levy. If rental items are levied upon, or otherwise moved from Delivery Address, Customer shall notify All Occasion Rentals immediately.

 7. Tent: Prior to the installation of the tent, you agree to obtain all necessary permits, licenses and other consents from the appropriate government agencies at your expense, unless contracted by All Occasion Rentals for a fee.
You agree to.
1)  Have the installation area cleared before the date the tent is to be installed.
2)  Have the installation area cleared before the date and time of take down.
3)  Clearly mark or layout the exact location of the tent.
4)  Be present at the time of installation or appoint ONE individual to be responsible for your dealings with All Occasion Rentals.
5)  You or designated individual must be present at the time of installation to meet our crew, to correctly spot the location of the tent and be available for recognizing and alleviating potential problems.
6)  In order to install or take down a tent we must have clear unobstructed space that is larger than the tent by a minimum of 10 feet on each side and each end of the tent.
7)  Our standard additional charges will apply for any delay incurred or additional labor performed by us, resulting from your failure to prepare the installation site. Hold harmless and assume the risk of, and indemnify, and hold All Occasion Rentals harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, lawsuits and proceedings of every kind, including costs, expenses, and attorneys' fees for personal injury or property damage caused by, connected with or resulting from.
a)  The delivery, loading, unloading, erection, installing, dismantling and use often tent/sand related event items.
b)  Contact with underground wires, pipes, cables (e.g., phone lines, gas lines, cable lines, septic systems, tree roots) or other obstructions.
c)   Necessary surface repairs.
d)  Fire, rain, hail, sleet, snow, high winds, tornadoes, floods or other disturbances of nature and other Acts of God causing Tent failure, falling objects and aircraft, vehicle collision, smoke, nuclear radiations or radioactive contamination.
e)  Damage and/or cleaning expense to the tent Top due to cooking processes under or near tents which is prohibited.

Tent Staking: We assume no liability for holes, cracks, or other damage to concrete, asphalt or any other surface on which a rented structure has been erected. You are responsible for filling holes and repairing all staked surfaces. (On asphalt surfaces, we install a temporary, basic asphalt cold patch.)
Underground Utilities: Please be ready to inform the driver of the existence of any underground utilities (i.e. phone lines, gas lines, septic system, etc.), that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor equipment. Customer assumes responsibility for any damage to underground equipment, or landscaping resulting from equipment installation. It is recommended you contact DIG ALERT at 8-1-1 or 800-422-4133 a week before our arrival.
The rented tent(s) may not be dismantled or moved to another location without our prior written approval. You will be charged an additional service charge if the pickup of any tent is from a location other than the location to which it was delivered.  In no event may you allow any party other than All Occasion Rentals to dismantle, move or erect the tent.
Tents are rented on an “as is” basis. Although the canvas and the vinyl fabrics of the tent have been treated for water repelling, we disclaim any Guarantee or warranty as to the effectiveness of such treatment, or that the fabric of such items will not stretch, shrink, crack, fade, tear or leak.
8. Care of the Rental Equipment: Customer shall be responsible for all damage to any of the Rental Equipment not caused by ordinary wear and tear. "Ordinary wear and tear" shall mean only the normal deterioration of the rental equipment caused by ordinary, reasonable, and proper use of the rental equipment. Customer shall be liable to All Occasion Rentals for all damage which is not "ordinary wear and tear" in an amount equal to the replacement value of the rental equipment.
9. Compliance with Laws: Customer agrees not to use or allow anyone to use the rental equipment for any illegal purpose or in any illegal manner or in an unsafe manner. Customer agrees at his/her/their sole cost and expense to comply with all municipal, parish, state, federal or other governmental or quasi-governmental laws, ordinances and/or regulations which may apply to the use of the rental equipment during the rental period. The Customer further agrees to pay for all licenses, fines, fees, permits, or taxes arising from Customer's use of the rental equipment, including any subsequently determined to be due. The customer is solely responsible for obtaining all permits and/or licenses from the appropriate government agencies prior to use.
10. Duty to Mitigate: In the event of injury, damage, or loss due to Customer negligence, Customer agrees and assumes the duty to mitigate all costs resulting from said injury, damage, or loss.
11. I agree to the following Cancellation Policy on all orders:
    1. There is a deposit of 50% that is Non-Refundable.
    2. Cancellation 16 plus days to delivery/will call = 50% refund of total contract.
    3. Cancellation 8 to 15 days prior to delivery/will call = 50% refund of total contra.
    4. Cancellation 1 to 8 days of delivery/will call = No Refund.